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the appreciation of Toy Collectibles of all kinds
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The BATCC Attends the 2014 Toy Fair in New York

The Boston Area Toy Collectors Club attended Toy Fair in New York City this year to see what is going to be a big year for toys and toy collectors. Some great stuff is in store for this year check out our Facebook page for hundred's of photo's.
Club President Stephen Lanzilla  and club members Dave Campbell and Ted Michapolous 
photos by Ted M.

The BATCC covers multiple avenues that goes with toy collecting, One of the biggest is movie tie ins. This year there are number of big blockbuster movies coming out and one of them is "Need for Speed". It stars Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame, and  the 2015 Ford Mustang, our friends at Maisto has the license for the line of die-cast cars and our own Tim Estiloz Interviewed Aaron Paul at the press junket in Boston. We will be celebrating the Fiftieth Of the Ford Mustang at our National Event in September and this is the perfect cross over for us.
The Maisto Booth at Toy Fair in New York         Tim Estiloz and Need For Speed Star Aaron Paul
Photos by Dave Campbell                                                                                            Photo by Tim Estiloz

Here is the Video of our own Tim Estiloz Interviewing the star of "Need For Speed" Aaron Paul

Need for Speed website  

Maisto here 

The Boston Area Toy Collectors Club's
13th Annual National Event Toy Event hit's another home run with guests!!
September 20, 2013 at the Lantana's in Randolph Massachusetts
We had two great speakers this year Andrew Vranicar from Mattel/Matchbox and Larry Tye Author of Superman the High-Flying History Of America's Most Enduring Hero, both had were passionate about their subject and left the guests wanting more.

Andrew Vranicar Matchbox/Mattel
              photo by Ted M 
                                                                                                        2013-14 Matchbox prototypes 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    photo by ted M 

     Mattel donated a number of older prototypes and some Toy Fair models for Auction later in the night
                                                                 photo by ted M
Andrew started his presentation with a little background on himself, he was a matchbox collector himself and he collected Corvettes. He then showed us a great video on how a matchbox car gets made and all the steps that go into a little die-cast car. Next he showed us a overview of where the Matchbox line was going. The line will continue it's hero, adventure theme for 2014. some of the models got a thumbs down but many of them got an entusiastic thumbs up( check out the prototypes in the second picture) The Matchbox logo and packaging will get a face lift for 2014 as well. Mattel also donated a number of prototypes for a live auction that was held later in the night, some great stuff was to be had! Andrew was very approachable and answered all of our questions and spent the Saturday with our Club president Steven Lanzilla and member Dave Campbell as they toured our Great City of Boston. We all thank Andrew for coming and hope he can return next year with more Matchbox and Mattel news!!

Author, Larry Tye
photo by Ted M                                                                                                                      Photo by J. Patterson                                                      Photo By J.Patterson

A local author and Superman fan Larry Tye, capped the night with a fantastic speech of some of the behind the cape elements that went in to the character of Superman.  An excellent book, fast paced a must for all Superman Fans. As you can see above he also signed each book at the event, a big thanks to Larry for coming to the event and teaching more about Superman. 

photo by Ted M                                                                                                                                                                         photo by Ted M
Blade, Wonder Woman's Alto ego, and Batman                                                            Batman and Club member Dave Campbell

We Had some great Cosplay at this years event, Blade was spot on as was Batman, Wonder Woman came last year as a debut for the Wonder Woman tribute. We were hoping for more and had awards for different classes but each were given a award for their individual costumes. A job well done by all!!!

Dealers of Distinction Chosen by the BATCC

Bashmashnikov & Group - Stamford, CT

Mikhail Bashmashnikov and his beautiful hand built models                                                                              More examples of Maikhail's models and craftsmanship                                             

Photo by Nick Caci                                                                                                                                                             Photo By Nick Caci

Serious Toyz - Croton-on-Hudson, NY

photo by Ted M.
ESpressions Design

photo by espressiondesign
Some great stuff check out there website at espressionsdesign.com

More Photos and Video from the event please check out our Facebook page and our Manufacturers Display page, and our new video page

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