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Tonner Doll Reviews

Review:  Dc Stars Harley Quinn Tonner Doll
by Beverly Lanzilla

Tonner Doll Co. and DC Comics have teamed up and created a beautiful figure of Harley Quinn. The sadistic Harley Quinn is based on the best selling comic book Batman: Hush by Joseph Loeb and Jim Lee. This fascinating 1:6 scale figure is sculpted in plastic from the design by Jim Lee. The costume fits really good and the colors are great! it would have been great to see her knockout punching glove and her trick pistol but the doll it self is fantastic. this doll is limited to 500 worldwide.

Review:  New 52 Wonder Woman Tonner Doll

by Ted Michalopoulos

Photo By Ted Michalopoulos
 We have for review the New 52 Wonder Woman Tonner doll. She’s designated “New 52” because DC Comics have rebooted/updated  their superhero characters to be more modern. You will see the other DC superheroes in slightly different costumes as well. Wonder Woman here is accented with silver breastplate and headband instead of gold and navy blue boots instead of red to reflect the New 52 Wonder Woman costume. The Doll is 16” tall, limited to 300 and includes:
· Fine quality vinyl and hard plastic
· New Tyler head sculpt
· Tyler skin tone
· Blue painted eyes
· Raven rooted saran hair
· Red faux leather bodice with silver trim
· Navy blue lycra panty with silver faux leather stars 
· Silver faux leather gauntlets
· Silver faux leather armband
· Silver faux leather choker
· Silver faux leather headband with a red star decoration
· Gold lasso
· Navy blue and silver faux leather boots (with zippers for easy removal/dress)
· Nude pantyhose
· Stand
Photo by Ted Michalopoulos                                                                                Photo by Ted Michalopoulos                                                           Photo By Ted Michalopoulos 
For those who like the New 52 Wonder Woman (I myself am a classic red/gold Wonder Woman fan), this is a near spot on resemblance to her comic counterpart! She shines with the Tonner quality! The head sculpt in my opinion, reflects Greek features with flowing black hair and well painted eyes and red lips. The costume is comprised of the high quality one would expect from Tonner Doll.  Her toenails are even painted red! The only thing I can nitpick about is that she does not come with her sword which she freely uses now in the comics since she is now more warrior like. I’m sure any die hard collector could find an appropriate sword for her though. The New 52 Wonder Woman retails for $199.99 and is still available on the Tonner website, use our free shipping code,BATCC, ( so lasso her while you can! 

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